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November Ministry update

Dear Partners of ALERT Ministry,

It is humbling to see what the Lord has been accomplishing in the midst of political unrest and economic instability in the Democratic Republic of Congo. For sure, it should be the result of your prayers and support. On the pictures are teachers preparing the opening of the Bukavu Bible College few days prior to the due date. The initial date was postponed because of some practical and technical issues. However, with a lot of sacrifices, teachers of the College were effectively able to open the school on October 25, 2021, after a long Summer break, while the educational system in Congo is in crisis. For example, on October 26, 21 there was no work in the city of Bukavu because teachers from different primary and secondary schools and the parents were demonstrating on the street. Teachers were reclaiming the increase of salaries while the parents were asking the end of teachers’ strike so that students can go back to school again.

Please, pray that this demonstration may not turn into massive imprisonment and the loss of lives.

Yours in the Lord,

Kisongo Mbeleulu, Executive Director of ALERT

And Head Master of the College.

Teachers training seminar 

Teaching in Bukavu via Zoom

Dear Friends,

        I have a real pleasure to thank God and my partners in ALERT ministry for making live the connection with my people in Congo. 

        I was supposed to travel to Congo for teaching at Bukavu Bible College and conducting seminars in churches. Unfortunately, the Corona pandemic and traveling restrictions stopped our project after many attempts.  However,  I am now supporting teachers and event teaching a class  "The Intertestamental Period" through Zoom. Each time we met with the students, it was joyful moment though physical presence in a classroom still more much appreciated.

        I am praying to God to provide financial support in order to continue with Zoom as I have to pay $20 to buy data each time I have a class with the students. This academic year (2021 – 22),  I am projecting to have 2 more teachers on Zoom as long as the traveling conditions will remain the same. Pray for this need and contact us for more information if needed.

                                           Kisongo Mbeleulu

Bukavu Bible School Update - Aug. 2021

Dear Friends and partners in the Ministry,

         It is my pleasure to touch base again with you to update information concerning the Bukavu Bible College. The school has closed since July 20, 21. Students are on the Summer break and will come back on October 20th. The academic year 2020-21 was full of challenges as we keep reorganizing the school (administration and program) after it has been many years without functioning because of the loss of much of its assets and the insecurity during the war. 

         However, by his grace, the Lord made us go through successfully. With difficulties and very limited financial possibilities, It is amazing to see how people are thirsting to study the Word of God. Is not this confirming what one said that you see the stars when the sky is dark ?

While we are looking for local means to sustain the school, we are asking financial support for our students and kind gifts for teachers who are benevolent. Only $150 per year will contribute to support a student. That is an opportunity to invest in the Kingdom of God where mold and ants do not reach out to destroy treasures.

         Needless to remind that the Democratic Republic of Congo is slowly coming out of wars and political instability. Hopefully the recent signaled presence of American troops on the ground will improve much more the situation in the provinces of Ituri and North Kivu with an expected great domino effect in South Kivu province and the rest of the country.

Bukavu Bible School

December 2020

I'm Honored To Serve

I am honored to be asked and humbled to take on the task of accepting the new role of the Acting Principal of Bukavu Bible College in eastern Congo, South Kivu Province. I am trusting the Lord and leaning on his strength for this new leadership role. I have often been reminded of this verse in the last several months. “And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also” (2Tim. 2:2).

Bukavu Bible College opened its doors November 20, 2020 after ten years of inactivity due to a long period of war, loss of its infrastructure, and contagious diseases (Ebola, Covid). Thank God that the School has newly renovated classrooms and dormitory and is able to open its doors to students desiring to serve the church in Congo. Please pray for these teachers and students as they need our prayers and encouragement. I am thankful to God for providing each one of these dedicated teachers and students who has accepted to live sacrificially as they serve. 



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ALERT Newsletter July 2016

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My dear friends,

God has been moving in and through ALERT. Much has been happening over this past year and much is in the works for this coming year! What an exciting time to be serving God. God has granted ALERT with a bold vision for this coming year and you are a major part of making this happen!

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Alert is getting a facebook page

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We are moving forward and creating a Facebook page to keep our friend more up to date on ministry events.

Thank you for friending us on Facebook.

Swahili Letter from Trudi and Kris

Posted on June 9, 2014 at 10:25 AM Comments comments ()

Wamama wapenzi katika Hospitali ya Panzi,

Mwisho wa mwezi wa pili, sisi (Trudi Whitson na Kris Engel toka Minnesota, USA), tuliwatembelea kwa muda mfupi wakati tulipokuwa hapo Bukavu. Trudi aliwasalimu katika maneno machache na mchungaji Malanda akawaombea na mlitupokea katika furaha. Tunasikitika kwamba hapakuwepo na mda wa kutosha kwa kujuana kabisa nanyi.

Tunajuwa kwamba wengi wenu wapo hapo hospitali kwa sababu ya shida ya miili na mateso mliohipitia hata kimawazo pia (traumatisme). Tunapenda mjuwe namna gani nasi tunasikia maumivu yenu ndani ya mioyo yetu na kuuguwa pamoja nanyi. Kwa kuwaona tuliguswa sana na inakuwa vigumu kwetu kuwasahau. Zaidi ya yote, tunapenda kuwatiya moyo kupitia kweli kwamba Mungu Baba yenu hajawasahau kamwe. Tulipoomba nanyi siku ile, tulisikia kwamba Mungu anawachukuwa kabisa moyoni mwake na yuko upande wenu akipenda kuponya kila moja ya vidonda vyenu kiroho na hata kimwili pia.

Ingawaje tunapatikana mbali nayi upande mwingine wa bahari kuu, tunapenda kuwajulisha kwamba hatutawasahau na tutaendelea kuwaombea. Tumeeleza hata watu wengine habari ya tabu zenu na wanawaombea pia. Msikie upendo wetu toka huku. Tulipenda tuwaandikie mistari hii kwa kusudi la kuwatia moyo toka neno la Mungu kwamba ingawaje tunapita katika shida nyingi maishani, neno moja ni dhairi kwamba upendo wa Mungu kwetu unadumu.

Katika upendo wa Yesu,

Trudi na Kris


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