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Please use this link to connect to Ministry Office who is our Fiscal Sponsor.  

Select ALERT from the Ministry Options.

Donations will be received in two days to HPDZ's account.

The credit card company will charge 2.75% for processing or you can donate to cover this expense.

Donation by Paypal is also an option. Please see The Ministry Office Donation page for more details.

      Donate Now     

To Mail A Donation

Please mail all donations to:

The Ministry Office

17409 Comet Circle

Minnetonka, MN 55345

Please make checks out to "The Ministry Office" on the pay to the order line of your check.  

Send a separate note letting us know what ministry partner you would like your donation to go support.  


ALERT (African Leadership Empowerment Reconciliation & Transformation) ministries, under the leadership of Kisgongo Mbeleulu partners with The Ministry Office.  

The Ministry Office provides support to ALERT by assisting with accounting, filing reports with the US government, consulting regarding project development when requested, and the sending of year end summaries of tax deductible donations to ALERT's donors.”

The Ministry Office is an approved 501c3 fiscal sponsorship organization by the IRS.  

We comply with all the regulations and requirements of the IRS to make your donations fully tax deductible.  

We will be happy to send you a tax deductible receipt for any donations after it is received by our office. We will also send you a summary of your donations in any calendar year by Jan. 31 of the year following your donations for your convenience.