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Our Executive Director: Pastor Kisongo Mbeleulu

Pastor Kisongo Mbeleulu has had a heart for the poor of Congo for 40 years. After graduating from seminary in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), he served 10 years as a chaplain pastor for university students. He served for 4 years as coordinator of the peacemaking program in the Great Lakes region related to the Rwandan genocide of 1994.

In the USA, though many who escape the poverty zone of the DRC would focus on thriving in their new life in the land of plenty, Kisongo’s calling to Congo has not diminished but has been refined. He chose to study what makes communities flourish and earned a Masters degree in International development in 2015. In 2010 Kisongo began ALERT and regular ministry trips to DRC.

Kisongo has a passion to see the Congolese church grasp the revolutionary power of the Gospel as their ‘wisdom template’ for all aspects of life.

Samuel Madrid

Acting Chairman of the Board

Scott Shimotsu

Scott came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ during his undergraduate years at UC Berkeley, in California. He attended a Campus Crusade for Christ Bible study in the dormitories and was mentored by other brothers in Christ. He began to understand the depth and love of God as he wrestled with issues such as creation versus evolution, relationships and conviction of sin.

In 2005, Scott visited Ethiopia for a community research study to eradicate trachoma. Scott has a passion to see community development projects effectively implemented, and the vision for ALERT intrigued him. Encouraged by the previous collaborations with Pastor Kisongo Mbeleulu, he desires to see growth and a passion for Christ to be spread among the Congolese churches.

Ameido Amevor

Program Developer

I grew up in a Christian home. However when I was 17 years old I fully dedicated my life to God after hearing a message preached on Jeremiah 29:13 "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."

Born and raised in West Africa, I have always heard about the war and poverty in DR Congo. I have since wanted to be part of the efforts to bring some sort of sustainable solutions to these problems. Helping with ALERT ministry is a way for me to do that. 

Ibuchwa Kisongo


Kristy White

Administrative Support and Publications

Pastor Kisongo's Story

Kisongo Mbeleulu has a vision for Congo. But that vision has not been birthed easily. In August 1998, Kisongo was in the U.S. when he received a call from his family saying, ‘Don’t return home Papa… There are people here who are trying to kill you!’

This was at the beginning of the Second Congo War, the deadliest conflict worldwide since World War II. These tumultuous events marked the beginning of a whole new season of Kisongo’s life— evolving his role from being a local pastor and peacemaker in Congo, to being a refugee but also...a ‘catalyst for change from afar’ —7000 miles away.

After seminary Kisongo served 10 years as a chaplain pastor for 

university students and then four years as coordinator of a peacemaking program in the Great Lakes region related to the genocide of 1994 that happened in Rwanda. It was these roles that thrust Kisongo into a position of high visibility in the region and eventually endangered his life at the uprising of the second Congo War in 1998

Though many who escape the poverty zone of the DRC would focus on thriving in their new life in the land of plenty, Kisongo’s calling to Congo has not diminished but has only been refined sharper as he has used his time in the U.S. to be a relentless student of what makes communities and nations flourish. Studying history, biblical theology, economic development and leadership, along with earning a M.A. in international development he has developed a passion to see the Congolese church grasp the revolutionary power of seeing the Bible as a ‘wisdom template’ for all of life.  

In 2010 Kisongo founded the organization ALERT, (African Leadership Empowerment, Reconciliation and Transformation) ALERT’S vision is “to see local churches of Eastern Congo ignite spiritual and economic transformation across Congo and beyond.”

Toward this end, ALERT has thus far sponsored 10 conferences with distinguished guest speakers representing agriculture, business, education, peacemaking and ministry. It has also created a small women’s sewing enterprise, and hopes to stimulate many businesses as well as see a permanent training center established for the Eastern Congo region. 

Kisongo has gained the attention of local and government leaders who desire more exposure to the nature of the teaching he brings.

Kisongo currently lives in Minneapolis with his wife Jeanne and eight children. He also serves as an Elder at New City of Nations Church- a multiethnic church in the Twin Cities area.

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 ”Africa’s future depends upon courageous and visionary Christians leaders who will sacrifice themselves 

to bring a Christian worldview and biblical training to millions hungering to know and follow Jesus Christ. Kisongo Mbeleulu is a servant leader with a vision for a nation and a continent transformed economically, politically, and culturally by the Gospel.”

Dr. Robert Osburn, Wilberforce Academy

Why we do this good work...

“Though the promise of African Christianity is great, the church of Africa must wrestle with dilemma of Christianity that may be expanding at the periphery even while it is collapsing at the center. Leadership development and the training of laity seem to be the crucial needs of this continent shaped like a question mark.”

Mark Shaw, Director of World Christianity Program at Africa International University in Nairobi, Kenya.

Why we partner...

“God’s Spirit will call the people from the East to join hands with the people from the West and the people from the North to join hands with the people from the South and all will seek the other’s good.”

Clarence Jordan (1912 – 1969), Founder of Koinonia Farm.